Spaced Man

  • Jonathan Bosley
  • Lee Cates
  • Crystal Chaney
The Spaced Man movie DVD cover

Spaced Man - Trailer

He’s back from a bad trip to outer space. There goes the universe.

Environmental activist Jeff Shepherd (Lee Cates) a free-loving, tree-hugging hippie mysteriously disappears when he is mistakenly targeted by otherworldly visitors instead of super government agent Adam Goodchild (Jonathan Bosley) who is late for the most important mission in history.

Years later, Jeff awakens back on earth to find things are worse than ever, and his lifestyle in the past may lead to the destruction of the planet he’s been trying to save.

In search of her next big story, investigative reporter Christy Chase (Crystal Chaney) risks her entire career on his claims of alien abduction, destruction and seduction.


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